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The message of the 1of1 campaign is to give people an idea of what Fan-I Sports is about. Fans should be able to tell the type of brand we are through our shirts. Also each shirt should have a message within itself about whatever moment is captured. This is also another way for fans to interact with each other, creating the Perfect Fan experience.Follow @Fanisports on Instagram to see the collection of 1of1s. For more info on how to get a 1of1 Get Certified here!

1of1s are self explanatory. They are one of its own, never duplicated, imitated, or counterfeited. 1of1s can be anything. It could be a watch like my man Future said or it could a person. Here at Fan-I, 1of1s are legends. Just recently Florida State won the 2013 National Championship, thanks to Jameis Winston and the rest of the great Seminoles on that squad. Winston became the only freshman to win the Heisman and National Championship in the same season, he’s a 1of1. You don’t have to set record to be a 1of1 though, take A.I. for instance. Allen Iverson wasn’t the first little dominate player in the NBA but his game style, heart, and abilities put him in a class of his own, he’s a 1of1. For some reason, this generation tends to have little respect for the past and most know little about the history of our sports. With the 1of1 movement we can teach about the past, do it with swag, and bring it back to the essence. Giving you the Perfect Fan Experience.


We all remember special moments in history and usually a visual representation, whether it be a video or photo, will help you remember it vividly. Jerry Rice, The Greatest Of all Time. No one worked harder than Jerry, he was never the fastest or the biggest but he was always the best player on the field. He is the only player who records are NOT going to be broken way, he played too long. To play 20+ in the NFL, you would have to be lucky enough not to get hurt, let alone be able to be productive for all 20. Jerry Rice is the one of the few players you can say was never a liability on the field, he was also the asset to the situations.


Shout out to my man J.Sneed for capturing the shirts in action. These picture are also the cover photos we use on, where we always give credit to the photographer who capture those great moments at their best. We are aiming to ignite a movement. We believe when you’re starting something you want too build a movement and following first then expand from there. We seen the best do it, shout out to Dipset. They are the definition of what a movement is, we just want to have the longevity of the LOX. 1of1s are our way to build a movement because you’ll never see the same one twice, reason why they are called 1of1s. I look at them like baseball cards, your best cards are something rare. The bigger the moment the more provocative the shirt.


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