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Let’s take a look at a couple of the recent stories across the sports world.

Gerry Broome/AP

(Gerry Broome/AP)

The Orangemen won their first 25 games of the season, before losing their last 3 out of 4. This picture shown above is from the February 22nd matchup between Duke and Cuse when Jim Boheim blew up over a offensive foul in the final seconds of the game, before his ejection. Syracuse all season has found a way to close out those tight games, 9 of their wins decided by 6 points or less. Duke, Boston College, and recently Virginia have not allowed Cuse to close out those games, Virginia even beat them by 20. Unless they win the ACC tournament, they will not be a #1 seed in the big dance, which was almost a sure thing for them a month ago. This is not the right time for Cuse to be losing with it being so close to March Madness but I still think they are one of the best teams in the country.

This happened last week and I thought this was very interesting, 1 because it happened with mid-major teams and 2 because this whole situation was instigated by the players. Usually when you see fans storm the court, its because a small school defeated a big school or an upset between rivals, rarely do you see fans storm the court for mid-major games. I don’t think this scuffle was because of the fans because all they were doing were celebrating with their team, I blame New Mexico State players for not clearing the court and sparking the whole thing off. K.C. Ross Miller threw a basketball at a Utah Valley player then they attacked the fans. How is that the fans fault? Now I do think kids should understand the rules to court storming. If you’re going to storm the court, it has to be either;

  • A. against a team ranked higher than you
  • B. against a team your school has never defeated
  • C. against a team that is apart of a bigger conference than your team’s

And if you do storm you should NEVER attack the opposing team players. In fact, ignore them if they are still on the court or field. Go celebrate with your teammates. I don’t agree with anything that happened in this video but I don’t think just because a few people made bad decisions that court storming should be abolished. Sometimes the best way to end a game is to Storm The Court. These athletes and students go to school together, party together, and walk around the same campus, they should also be able to celebrate a big win together. This is not corporate america, this is college basketball.

Stephen A and Richard Sherman hit it on the nose perfectly with their statements. If you don’t already know, the NFL is trying to ban the word “Nigger/Nigga” and make it a 15 yard penalty if it is uttered during a game. I think this is the dumbest and most pointless idea the NFL has came up with. I also think it is racist because majority of the players using the “N-Word” are african american. Then when you add the fact that majority of the people that controls the NFL are of white decent, really make it look like they’re picking on one specific group. It really bothers when I see a group of white people discussing whether or not the word should be used by black people. Like Sherman added, why are they not trying to abolish all curse words, what so special about the “N-Word”? Of course I know the history of the word and the carnage it caused but this is not 1963. In the past 40 years, the black culture has changed the dynamics of the word that once stood for hate and indignity to a word of endearment. I don’t think black people “own” the word or are the only one that have the rights to say it but like with any word, its all about context and connotation.


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